Get Your Business Taxes Right with the Canadian Sole Proprietor's Tax Toolkit


Do you wonder if you’re leaving money on the table 

when you file your taxes every year?

Are you afraid of growing your business to the next tax 

bracket because of having to pay more taxes 

(hint: it doesn’t have to be that way!)

Does organizing your finances in your business 

feel time-consuming (and a bit intimidating?)

What if you could get clarity on what you can write off in your business, learn how to organize yourself for easy tax filing, and keep more of your earned income?


To build a successful business, you need clarity on the type of financial systems to set up, and you need a system for writing off your business expenses. 

Bringing in income for your business is truly an exciting part of your business journey!

But while you’re excitedly out offering your products and services to your clients, you find yourself with a hundred and one questions about those pesky numbers.

The good news is you can organize your own taxes! And with a proven tax-filing tool, you can start writing off expenses as soon as today with total “I got this” confidence!


How My Accounting System is a Critical Part of What Has Helped Hundreds of Canadian Sole Proprietors Save Money on Taxes

I’ll show you how you can confidently write off your expenses so that you can keep more money in your bank account.

My name is Lisa Jarvis and I'm a Canadian accountant who specializes in small business.

I love strategy and helping my clients go from feeling overwhelmed to empowered in their accounting.

During my fifteen years as a public practice CPA, I've assisted hundreds of entrepreneurs to build their accounting systems, save money on taxes, and find clarity with their numbers to drive profitable decisions. And I do it in a way that will make you feel good in the process.

Even if your current filing system consists of a pile of haphazard receipts, you can feel empowered and in control of your taxes this next tax season. Get yourself & your business organized with our tax filing tool so that you can do your own taxes with ease or save time & money when hiring a tax preparer.

Canadian Sole Proprietor's Tax Toolkit

What will you receive when you sign up for instant access?

Course curriculum

  1. 1
    • Welcome!

    • Live Components

  2. 2
    • OPTIONAL PRE-LESSON: Introduction to important terms and concepts

    • Lesson 1: Income Tax for the Business Owner

    • Lesson 2: Deductible Business Expenses

    • Lesson 3: Record Keeping

    • Lesson 4: Business Use of Personal Assets

  3. 3
    • Introduction - Things to Watch Out For

    • When to get help with Sales Taxes

    • What you need to know about Hiring

    • Tax Deadlines to Be Aware Of

    • Bonus Available

  4. 4
    • Welcome to Module 3

    • Lesson 1 Option A - The Excel Tracker and How-to Use it (Book-keeping Software)

    • Lesson 1 Option B - The Excel Tracker and How-to Use it (Excel - Manual)

    • Lesson 1 Option C - The Excel Tracker and How-to Use it (Excel - CSV)

    • Lesson 2 - Preparing the T2125 Tax Return (Sole Proprietors Tax Schedule)

    • BONUS - Hiring Accountants and Book-keepers

    • BONUS - When do you need a full-cycle system versus when excel will do

  5. 5
    • Office Hours 1 - Dec 8th

  • Videos On Demand

    Videos you can consume on your own time, which break up the topics into easy-to-digest pieces, in language you understand.

  • Downloadable Tools

    A downloadable spreadsheet you can use to organize your business revenue and expenses for easy tax filing ( with a how-to video) — no mess is too messy!

  • Zoom Calls

    2 live group calls (Dec 8 and Jan 10) so you can get answers and support on all of your tax-filing questions!

Kind words from other clients who have worked with us to save money on their taxes…

The Canadian Sole Proprietor's Tax Toolkit is only available for a limited time at this special rate!

If you worked one-on-one with a Chartered Professional Accountant to teach you this tax information or pay them to organize your expenses for you, this could be hundreds (and sometimes thousands) of dollars. 


When you purchase this course, you will pay nowhere near that because I want this to be an easy yes for you to start getting control of your business finances today and save you lots of money for the future.

Is The Canadian Sole Proprietor's Tax Toolkit right for YOU?

Listen, I get it! This all looks great, but while it's obvious The Canadian Sole Proprietor's Tax Toolkit can help others reach their goals, you aren't sure if it's going to work for you. Let's break down who will thrive in The Canadian Sole Proprietor's Tax Toolkit:

You’re going to love The Canadian Sole Proprietor's Tax Toolkit if:

  • You’re a sole proprietor starting out in your business journey or if you’re still unclear on what you can write off against your income tax

  • You want to try and file your self-employment business taxes on your own or want to save some dollars in hiring it out by knowing how to organize their information

  • You’re a business owner who wants to have a solid understanding of how you can optimize your business expenses and write-off everything you’re entitled to, including business use of your home, car, cellphone and other personal assets

The Canadian Sole Proprietor's Tax Toolkit is NOT for you if:

  • You sell products and have inventory - you likely need my more robust course O2E where we actually go through the whole process of pricing yourself for profitability and setting up a full cycle book-keeping system to track all your relevant expenses

  • You are incorporated - you need a full-cycle book-keeping system that will create you both an Income Statement and a Balance Sheet. You could come into this course and get some introductory basics covered (all the income tax stuff) but know that it won’t get you through EVERYTHING that you need.

  • You don’t live in Canada. This course is specifically designed to help Canadian sole proprietors with tax filing and writing off expenses.

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