You’ve started your business! Congratulations. This is truly an exciting step on your journey.

But while you’re excitedly out offering your products and services to your clients, you find yourself with a hundred and one questions about those pesky numbers.

Don’t worry! And definitely don’t bury your head in the sand. I’m here to guide you through the process of setting up your accounting, finance and tax systems to set your business on a solid financial footing. 

You can do this! And eight weeks from now you can truly be feeling empowered about your numbers.

Many entrepreneurs don’t feel like they can afford to hire professional accountants and lawyers to help them get set up, and yet I’ve seen firsthand how much MORE expensive it can be for entrepreneurs down the road if things are not set up right for their business at the beginning.

So… for the approximate cost of what you would pay for a few hours of such a professional’s time, I’m going to give you all of the information you need, and the tools to support you in execution, as well as some personal hand holding so you aren’t going to get stuck with any of it.

My name is Lisa Jarvis and I'm a Canadian accountant who specializes in small business.

I love strategy and helping my clients go from overwhelmed to empowered in their accounting.

During my fifteen years as a public practice CPA, I've assisted hundreds of entrepreneurs to build their accounting systems, save money on taxes, and find clarity with their numbers to drive profitable decisions. And I do it in a way that will have you feeling good in the process.

My course is for Canadian entrepreneurs, walking them through everything they need to know to get their businesses on a solid financial footing from the get-go.

I built this course because I kept having the same conversations with Canadian entrepreneurs over and over. They all tended to have the same questions, similar concerns, and the same blind spots.

Keshava Raghuveer

Small Business Client

Working with Lisa over the last few years has been a hugely positive experience - she has a knack for taking potentially complex and time-draining tasks and turning them into simple, easy-to-grasp concepts that allowed us to focus on our primary job of coaching and keep our bookkeeping and accounting simultaneously up to date with minimal stress!

With a passion and a friendliness that combines to really make you feel as though you are well cared for, Lisa is approachable, always willing to help out and calm with her handling of challenges - I could not recommend her highly enough if you want someone who can marry a high level of competence with a deft human touch.

Marvice MacLean

Corporate and Personal Tax client

I have been working with Lisa Jarvis for three years now. Since I worked with Lisa, I’ve gained so much clarity about my business and personal taxation. More importantly, Lisa is always there for me when I need to seek clarification and advice. She also helps me stay on top of everything that I should take care of in terms of my accounting and taxation matters. I feel extremely confident of her capabilities and integrity. I am truly grateful to find Lisa and would not want to work with any other accountants!
  • On-demand videos break up the topics into easy-to-digest pieces, in language you understand.

  • Interactive content to help you assimilate the training

  • Downloadable resources to implement the training into your business

  • Weekly live calls to give you a space to ask questions and get support. Show up live and ask anything, or submit your questions ahead and watch the replay.

  • Find further support and perhaps your new business bestie in our Facebook group.

Who this course is for:

  • You are a Canadian entrepreneur in your first year of business

  • OR you’ve been in business for a while but haven’t filed any taxes for your business yet

  • OR you’ve been in business for a while and have filed taxes before, but you not feeling empowered and in control of this corner of your business

  • You’ve resisted approaching an accountant to help you because you feel intimidated by what you don’t know or feel worried they are going to judge or shame you (my course is a shame-free zone; you’re an entrepreneur, not an expert in accounting)

  • You are willing to show up and do the work. I promise to make this process accessible and engaging, but I’m not a magician who can implement it into your life without your participation. You will need to actually watch the videos, do the implementation activities, and take action on the content in order to get the results.

The Results:

  • You will have an understanding of your numbers and how to use them to guide your decisionmaking

  • Your accounting system will be set up and you will know how to use it (and how to hire someone else to run it if you choose)

  • You will feel confident in the profitability of your business and how to pay yourself

  • The tax accounts you need will be opened and you will have a plan in place for how to meet your obligations

Karlo Kowalczyk

Corporate and Personal Tax client

We've been in operation for a bit over 5 years now, along the road Lisa's help in keeping us above board on the financial, accounting, and tax side of things has been invaluable. She's helped fixed issues we had from previous accounting errors and has always been able to steer us in the right direction through slightly more complex issues like share splits, employee/contractor support and the whole Covid mess of assistance, grants etc. Lisa is highly competent and highly caring (she actually understands your individual situation and skill level) at the same time, in our experience that's a rare combination.

Soma Keo

Sole proprietor / Personal tax client

My partner and I are very grateful to have met Lisa several years ago. We have always found her to be highly professional, knowledgeable and approachable. She has done an exceptional job when it comes to keeping us informed and explaining things in a clear manner. She is responsive & supportive - we truly value the relationship that we have built and deeply appreciate the personal service we have been getting from Lisa.

What you get:

Six modules of content with space built in for implementation, accessible through our portal, which will hold your hand as we walk through the course outline. Includes:

Videos covering each week’s content, which you can watch on your own time

⮚ Implementation activities that will walk you through how to apply the weekly content into your business immediately

Handouts, how-to videos and other resources you can implement in your business now and come back to reference later

▪ Access to attend “office hours” live (or catch the replay) where you can get your questions answered. These can be questions related to how the course content applies to your business, or literally any other question you want to ask a designated accountant

▪ Inclusion in an exclusive Facebook group with other attendees of the course, where you can network with other business owners, share wins, ask questions and be inspired in your entrepreneurial journey 

▪  30-day Subscription to Quickbooks Online (QBO) to trial during the course and access to 50% off pricing if you decide to keep the subscription active after we're done.

▪ The content will be dripped over six weeks but you will retain access for one full year so that you can revisit topics as needed

Course curriculum

  1. 1
    • Welcome to the Course!

    • Live Components

  2. 2
    • The basic financial reports: how to read them and why they are important

    • OPTIONAL PRE-LESSON: Introduction to important terms and concepts

    • Lesson 1: The basic financial reports: how to read them and why they are important

    • Lesson 1 Activity: Financial Statements

    • Lesson 2-1: Income Tax for the Business Owner

    • Lesson 2-2: Deductible Business Expenses

    • Lesson 2-3: Record Keeping

    • Lesson 2-4: Business Use of Personal Assets

  3. 3
    • Money Mindset

    • The Three Main Types of Business Entities

  4. 4
    • Real life system set up and operations to support your business (unlocks November 6th)

    • W2 Lesson 1: Chart of Accounts

    • W2 Lesson 2: What do we want in our system?

    • OPTIONAL Lesson 3: Introduction to QBO (Quickbooks Online)

    • OPTIONAL Lesson 4: Is a spreadsheet serving you well? Things to Consider.

  5. 5
    • T-accounts and double entry accounting

    • Answer to Activity

  6. 6
    • Tax rules PART 1 - rules surrounding Income tax and sales tax (unlocks November 13th)

    • OPTIONAL PRE-LESSON: CRA Business Numbers

    • W3 Lesson 1 GST/HST When to register and start charging

    • W3 Lesson 2 GST/HST What rate to charge your customers

    • W3 Lesson 3 GST/HST Activity

    • W3 Lesson 4 GST/HST Activity Answer

    • W3 Lesson 5 GST/HST Informing your Customer and Filing Returns

  7. 7
    • PST in BC

  8. 8
    • Tax rules PART 2 - Hiring staff (unlocks November 20th)

    • W4 Lesson 1-1 Employee versus Contractor

    • W4 Lesson 1-2 Your responsibilities as an employer

    • W4 Lesson 2 Introduction to Paying yourself

    • W4 Lesson 3 Internal Controls

    • W4 Lesson 4 Tax Deadlines to Be Aware Of

  9. 9
    • Doing business outside Canada

    • Additional QBO trainings

  10. 10
    • How to use your accounting as an essential part of your toolkit (unlocks Nov 27th)

    • Introduction: Using your accounting as an essential part of your toolkit (unlocks November 27th)

    • W5 Lesson 1: Intro to Cashflow and Profitability

    • W5 Lesson 1 Activity

    • W5 Lesson 1 Activity cont. - Lisa's thoughts

    • W5 Lesson 2: Using our Financial Statements to Manage Cashflow and Profitability

    • W5 Lesson 2 continued: Inventory

    • W5 Lesson 2 continued: Accounts Payable

  11. 11
    • Intro to the Cashflow Statement

    • Additional QBO Trainings

  12. 12
    • Week 6 - Implementation Week - Building Your Routine (unlocks Dec 6th)

    • W6 Lesson 1: Thoughts on Pricing and Introduction to Break-even Analysis

    • W6 Lesson 1 Activity

    • W6 Lesson 1 Activity Answer

    • W6 Lesson 2: Forecasting Tool

    • W6 Lesson 3: Building Your Routine

  13. 13
    • Key Performance Indicators (KPI's)

  14. 14
    • Tips for Hiring Book-keepers and Accountants to Support Your Business

    • Tax Prep for Sole Proprietors - Lesson 1 Option A - The Excel Tracker and How-to Use it (Book-keeping Software)

    • Tax Prep for Sole Proprietors - Lesson 1 Option B - The Excel Tracker and How-to Use it (Excel - Manual)

    • Tax Prep for Sole Proprietors - Lesson 2 - Preparing the T2125 Tax Return (Sole Proprietors Tax Schedule)